Signing and provisioning cheat sheet

Use this cheatsheet to understand how different provisioning and signing configurations allow (or disallow) for build installation on a given device.

iOS signing and provisioning

Profile Type

Certificate Type

Who can install?



Any device whose device identifier is included in the Development profile that was used for the build

Ad Hoc


Any device whose device identifier is included in the Ad Hoc profile that was used for the build

App Store


Cannot be installed outside of TestFlight

In House (Enterprise)


Any device. You must establish enterprise app trust before you can install an app with an Enterprise profile.

Android signing

Signing Type

Who can install?


Android requires all APKs to be signed in order to be installed. Unsigned APKs cannot be installed.


All Android devices can install signed apks as long as they’ve enabled the “Install unknown apps” setting. To enable this setting, follow these steps.

Enabling apk sideloading on Android devices

In order to enable your Android device to install apks downloaded outside of the Play Store, you must first enable the “Install unknown apps” setting on your device. Follow these steps to enable this setting:

  1. On your Android device go to Settings > Apps

  2. Go to General > Special App Access

  3. Scroll down and go to Install unknown apps

  4. Select the app corresponding to your device’s browser (usually Chrome) and enable Allow from source

The exact steps to enable apk sideloading may differ based on your device and version of Android

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