Health metrics settings

Here, you can define configure custom thresholds around key events from observability and analytics integrations, signals from stability monitoring, and user ratings (via the app stores) that together define what "healthy" means for your team.
  • Runway uses your team’s custom ‘health’ definition on the Rollout page to give you a glanceable, immediately understandable view of how your app is faring post-release.
  • Once health definitions have been created, they can be leveraged as rules for triggering automations that help manage your rollout, like halting unhealthy phased rollouts and accelerating healthy phased rollouts.
  • Runway will also send Slack notifications any time your defined health metrics fall outside of their thresholds during a release rollout.
Custom thresholds related to observability & analytics integrations can only be configured for the key events that you have selected in those integrations' settings.