Xcode Cloud

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on Integrations in the sidebar

Connect Xcode Cloud

  • Find the Xcode Cloud integration module under the CI/CD section

  • Click the Connect button

  • Select an existing App Store Connect installation, or enter your ASC API key’s Key ID and Issuer ID, and upload the .p8 key file

  • Click Save; you’ll be presented with a dialog in which to select your Xcode Cloud product, your Release Candidate workflow, and (optionally) the name of your release workflow if different than your RC workflow

You can generate API keys within App Store Connect.

  • You must be logged into App Store Connect with an Admin account to generate API keys.

  • Runway requires an API key with the App Manager role.

🔗 Apple - Creating API Keys for App Store Connect API.

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