GitHub Actions

Set up

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (โš™๏ธ) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on Integrations in the sidebar

Connect GitHub Actions

  • Find the GitHub Actions integration module under the CI/CD section

  • Click the Connect button. Youโ€™ll be taken through a standard GitHub app OAuth flow. (Or, youโ€™ll be given the option to reuse the GitHub connection you already established when setting up GitHub for version control.)

  • GitHub redirects you back to Runway

    • Select the name of your repo from the list of options

    • Select the name of your Release Candidate workflow from the list of options

    • Optionally, enter the name of your release workflow (the one that generates the builds that you end up submitting to the App Store/Play Store) if itโ€™s different than your Release Candidate workflow

    • Optionally, enter the name of the deploy branch on which your release workflows are triggered, if this branch is different than the branch your Release Candidate workflow is triggered on

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