Feature flags

The Feature flags page is a dedicated place within a release to view all active feature flags for your app, giving you an at-a-glance view into your team’s active feature flags, their associated status, and relevant flag targeting and delivery rules.

Feature flags are fetched based on the project and environment configured as part of the feature flag integration's setup. Only flags that are not archived are shown in the list of active feature flags.

The list of feature flags surfaces relevant information for each flag including:

  • Feature flag name

  • Flag rollout percentage

  • Variations

  • Status

  • Created at date

  • Minimum version

  • Maximum version

  • Target versions

To determine minimum, maximum, and target versions for each feature flag, Runway looks for any rules that target an audience that includes a version attribute (as defined by your integration's Release version attribute name).

Clicking into a feature flag from the list opens a drawer where you'll find additional information including variation details (including rollout percentages for each variation) and targeted delivery rules. You can also enable and disable flags directly from here.

The Rollout percentage field shows what percentage of your total user base is being served an experimental feature flag variation. Rollout percentages cannot be calculated for feature flags that target specific audiences, either directly or through a targeted delivery rule.

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