The Release view is your dashboard for all activity and progress relating to a particular version release.
On the left, you'll find the Step sidebar with status dots indicating progress towards overall completion:
  • Gray - Step is inactive
  • Yellow - Step is pending, waiting, or in progress
  • Green - Step is complete
  • Red - Step has failed or is blocked

Release steps

Step name
A summary of kickoff details for this version release, including code and branch-related setup, and pilot and planning information
​Feature readiness​
A view that reconciles the status of work tickets and actual code present in your branch
​Release candidate​
Build status and history pulled in from your CI/CD workflow
​Regression testing​
Status of any regression testing occurring on release candidate builds
Beta testing
Status of beta testing occurring on release candidate builds
View screenshots currently staged for this release in the app store
View and edit release notes for this release that will appear in the app store
Status of approvals needed from various stakeholders to continue with the release
​App submission​
Select a build, review any final release settings and submit your update to app stores for review
App store review
Status of review from app stores
Status of final release to the app store, stability monitoring, cleanup tasks
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