Markdown Badge API

The Markdown Badge API provided by Runway enables teams to display badges on their repositories, showcasing either the number of completed releases (release_count) or the live release version (live_release) of their app. These badges offer a dynamic way to present project status directly on markdown files, such as READMEs, and automatically link back to Runway for additional insights.

API Endpoint

To access the Markdown Badge API, use the following URL format:{APP_ID}&style={STYLE}&badge_type={TYPE}


  • app_id (required): The unique identifier of your team’s app in Runway. You can find your app’s app_id by going to App settings > General > App identifier on the Runway dashboard

  • style: Defines the appearance of the badge. Options include:

    • flat (default)

  • flat-square

  • plastic

  • for-the-badge

  • social

  • badge_type: Specifies the type of information the badge displays. Options are:

    • release_count (default): Shows the number of completed releases on Runway

    • live_release: Displays the live release version number

Usage Example

To create a badge displaying the latest release version of your app in a flat style, your URL might look like this:

This URL can be embedded in markdown files to display the badge.

Embedding in Markdown

To embed the badge in your markdown file, use the following syntax:


Replace {APP_ID}, {STYLE}, and {TYPE} with your app's details.

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