Navigating Runway

Apps navigation

The organization navigation sidebar is used to switch across apps that you've added to your organization in Runway. Related apps appear together in groups from which you can switch to apps of different platforms.

Runway attempts to intelligently group related apps together when they're first added. Get in touch if you'd like to reorder the way apps are grouped together in Runway.

Organization and user settings

The bottom of the organization navigation sidebar contains links to:

  • Invite flow using email

  • Organization overview and settings

  • User settings

Organization overview and settings

Directly above the link to User settings you'll find a link to your organization's Overview and Settings pages.

To learn more about the types of metrics you can find in your organization's Overview page, visit the Organization Overview documentation.

User settings

The bottom-most icon in the organization navigation sidebar is a link to your user's settings page. Here you can view key properties of your user, like your user's email, permissions, and roles. You can optionally specify your user's preferred GitHub username to help link together your version control's user to your user in Runway.

If you've registered iOS devices to your user via the Device Registration flow, they'll appear here.

Quick navigation with the Quick Action Menu

You can quickly navigate across key areas of Runway using just your keyboard via the Quick Action Menu. To pull up the menu from any page in Runway, simply enter command + K / ctrl + K in your keyboard.

The Quick Action Menu provides shortcuts to seamlessly navigate across key areas of Runway, including:

  • Switching across apps in your organization

  • Navigating to the next release for a given app

  • Navigating to the Rollout page of the live release in a given app

  • Navigating to any section in App settings

  • Navigating to Organization settings

  • ... and more

Start typing into the search bar of the Quick Action Menu to narrow down options if you're looking for a specific shortcut.

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