App overview

App overview is a dedicated view to understand at a glance the release history and current activity related to a particular app or app platform.

Version history sidebar

A timeline with all historical, current, and upcoming versions of your app appears to the left. At the top, you'll see the name of the selected app and platform.

You can navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top.

Prepare a new release

Click the Prepare new dropdown to choose to either prepare a new release, or create a hotfix release.

  • Release version (required) - Enter the planned version number of your next release. Runway will determine whether it's a major, minor, or point release based on semantic versioning rules.

  • Release pilot - Choose a specific team member to act as release pilot for this release. If no selection is made, Runway will automatically assign a release pilot from a rotation of team members who are eligible to be release pilots for this app.

  • Target kickoff date - Specify a target date for when you plan to kick off this release.

    • For release branch teams, Runway considers a release kicked off when a release branch is detected or created by Runway.

    • For static branch teams, Runway considers a release kicked off when code is detected past the last release tag, or when Runway promotes code from your development branch to your release branch.

  • Target submit date - Specify a target date for when you plan to submit this release to the app store for review.

  • Target release date - Specify a target date for when you plan to release this app update to end users.

If you have related release cycle automations enabled, Runway will attempt to perform these automations on the target dates specified here.

Hotfix release

If you choose to prepare a hotfix release, Runway will:

  • Predict a hotfix version and attempt to warn on any issues regarding intended version

  • (Optional) Immediately create a release branch from the previous release tag

  • (Optional) Bump version on release branch

  • Your cadence/scheduled automations will not be applied.

  • If you have an active release schedule cadence, your normal release schedule will remain unaffected on other releases. If the hotfix isn't released prior to your next kickoff, Runway will push back your future releases' target dates to compensate.

You can set an option on checklist items, approvals items, or regression testing items in Runway that will have them apply only to hotfix releases, or only to non-hotfix releases.

Release list

Here you'll see a list of all releases, including:

  • Completed - Releases that have been released from the app store.

    • The initial release date is shown alongside completed releases (for phased releases, the date shown is Day 1 of the phased release)

    • If the most recent Completed release is a Phased release in progress, you'll see the Phased percentage in place of the release date.

    • A half-filled circle represents a phased release that never reached 100%.

    • An alert icon ( ⚠️ ) represents a release that has not yet been tagged.

  • Next release - The 'active' release in progress, intended to be the next version released to end users.

  • Upcoming - Future releases planned past the next release.

Click into any release to see the dedicated Release view for that version.

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