App settings
From the App settings page, you can configure various options that will apply to all releases for the selected app.
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    Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher
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    Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (βš™οΈ) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

Settings categories


Version files

From here, you can configure an override list of files that contain references to your app's version number. Runway will bump the version in these files during manual or automated version bumps.

Release steps

From here, you're able to choose which steps will need to be completed (green) in order for Runway to perform automated app submission and releases.
Even if a step is marked as non-blocking here, users with sufficient permissions can still manually submit and release. These settings will only affect whether Runway considers the steps as gates for submit and release automations.​

Release pilot list

Here you can define the pool of team members who will be eligible to be release pilots for the selected app. Release pilots have most high-level permissions to perform actions in Runway.
Adding team members to the list will create a rotation pool that Runway will use to assign individual release pilots to upcoming releases. To determine who is assigned to each release, Runway defines a sequence of all users in the pool and loops through it.
A release pilot can always be changed manually for a particular release, by clicking Edit release settings on the Kickoff step for a release.
If you need to customize the order of your release pilot sequence, just get in touch and we'll take care of that for you.