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Set up

  1. 1.
    Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher
  2. 2.
    Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar
  3. 3.
    Click on Integrations in the sidebar

Connect Xray

  • Find the Xray integration module under the Regression testing section
  • Click the Connect button
  • Enter your Client ID and Client Secret
    • Every Xray API Key you generate will have a Client ID and Client Secret associated and displayed alongside. You can generate API Keys for Xray within Jira by going to Settings > Apps > Xray > API Keys (
      Xray Documentation - Global Settings: API Keys)
When connected, Xray API actions will be performed on behalf of the user linked to the Xray API key being used.
  • Click Save; you’ll be presented with a dialog in which to add any test execution naming keywords
For linking test executions to specific releases, Runway will parse your test execution names for the presence of a version string (e.g. “2.3.0”)
You can optionally add test execution naming keywords (case insensitive) to associate test executions with a particular app, e.g. "iOS" or "Android"