From the Metadata step, you can edit and review version release notes (also referred to as ‘What’s New in this Version’ for iOS) and other release metadata that will be reflected in the app stores upon release of the current version. Certain app-level metadata fields (e.g. App name, App subtitle) can also be edited from this step.

Release notes / What’s New in this Version

Enter the release notes for your upcoming version here.

If you have defined default release notes in App Settings, you can click the Apply default release notes button to pull in your default notes.

  • A green status dot will appear on tabs where notes have been filled in for that localization.

  • An orange status dot will appear on tabs where required notes are still missing.

Each available localization will be displayed in a dedicated tab.

If you turn on the Apply default release notes automation, Runway will automatically apply your default notes to each release.

You can choose to Save [Region] changes on each tab individually, or Save all changes via the button at the bottom of the view. Save actions will send your changes to App Store Connect or the Play Console.

Feature list

Click the Feature list button on any tab to open a drawer listing new work that is appearing in the current release. This is a list of ticket titles that are associated with the current version.

The feature list can be handy in situations where an outside team member (often from Design or Marketing) is tasked with writing user-friendly release notes, but may not be familiar with the work going into the release.

Additional metadata fields

See below the complete list of metadata fields that can be currently edited from Runway for each platform.


  • Keywords

  • Promotional text

  • App name

  • App subtitle

  • App description


  • Short description

  • App name

  • Video URL

Some metadata fields don't need to be submitted as part of a version update and will be submitted for review as soon as they're saved/updated in Runway.


Granting approval for metadata is a way for your team to communicate in Runway that metadata have been verified on each release.

App stores are not affected by the approval status of the Metadata step in Runway. Missing approvals on the Metadata step will not block a manual submission or release performed from Runway, or those performed directly from the app stores.

Release pilots or other users with sufficient privileges can click the Approve metadata button at the bottom of the view to mark this step as ready. This will set the Metadata step as green/ready (and may unblock automations like Submit app for review on target date that depend on all previous steps being green).

Approval can be reversed by users with sufficient privileges by clicking the Rescind metadata approval button. This will return the step status to orange and may block automations that depend on this step being green/ready.

Metadata translations

If you have a Translations integration connected to your app, you can use Runway's Metadata step to upload release metadata for translation, and export translated metadata from your translations provider to the relevant app store. The translation status of each metadata field for each locale will be shown as follows:

  • Synced – the field's value has been translated and synced to App Store Connect or Play Console.

  • Export needed – the field's value has been translated but an export is required to sync the latest translation to App Store Connect or Play Console.

  • Waiting for translation – the field's updated source value has been uploaded and is pending translation in your translations provider.

  • Upload needed – the field's source value has been updated in Runway but haven't yet been uploaded to the translations provider.

Uploading metadata for translation

To upload new release metadata for translation, save changes to the desired metadata fields in your app's source locale. You can then manually trigger an upload using the Upload for translation button – updated source value release metadata will be uploaded for translation to your your translations provider.

Exporting translations to App Store Connect or Play Console

To export translated metadata to App Store Connect or Play Console, you can manually trigger an export using the Export translated metadata button from the Metadata step. Any locales that have complete metadata translations in your translations provider will be exported to App Store Connect or Play Console and synced to Runway.

Enable the Sync metadata translations automation to have Runway automatically upload updated source locale metadata for translation, and export translated metadata to App Store Connect or Play Console as needed.

Metadata automations

You can configure the following Metadata automations by visiting the Automations tab on this step:

Editing automation settings from an individual release will apply those changes to all of your upcoming releases for that app.

Metadata checklist

You can add checklist items to this step by visiting the Checklist tab.

Checklist items cover any unique parts of your team's release process and live across all your releases. Steps with checklist items won't be marked as complete (green) in Runway until all checklist items have been completed (in addition to the normal criteria that would mark a step as completed).

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