Set up

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on Integrations in the sidebar

Connect Datadog

  1. Find the Datadog integration module under the Observability & analytics section

  2. Click the Connect button

  3. Enter your API Key and Application Key Secrets. You can find your API Key and Application Key Secrets by visiting Organization Settings > Access in Datadog. 🔗Datadog documentation: API and Application Keys

It isn't strictly necessary to specify scopes when creating an Application Key, as it will inherit the scopes of the user or service account that is creating it.

Configure the Datadog integration

  1. Select the desired Datadog Application from the drop down list

  2. Select up to 8 custom action type events from your Datadog project to monitor from Runway. Additionally, you can specify event metrics to track metrics such as averages, medians, and percentiles.

Runway's Observability & Analytics integration with Datadog currently only supports RUM events of the Action event type with custom action types. Event metrics must be added as measures before they can be configured in Runway. You can read about adding facets/measures from custom attributes in Datadog's documentation here. Once you've added your custom attribute as a facet, it can be configured as an event metric in Runway using the facet's path. Note that the leading @ is not required.

See below for an example Event name + Metric name pair that monitors the custom edit_item event for a bill-splitting app, and the associated amount metric:

  • Event name: edit_item

    • This is the action name of the custom Action event

  • Metric name: context.amount

    • This is the amount measure that's been configured from the amount custom attribute

You can view a full list of available custom actions by going to UX Monitoring > Sessions & Replays and filtering for Actions where @action.type:custom

Additional event types (e.g. Views, Sessions, and Resources) are not currently supported. Out-of-the-box action types (like application_start) are also not supported.

The events you select as part of the integration setup will be surfaced in the Rollout view of each release. You can also configure health metrics that define acceptable thresholds for any of these events, associate metrics with rollout automations and more!

When selected events include an associated metric, Runway will compute additional metrics automatically, such as Average value, Median value, and percentile metrics. For more information on Datadog metrics including default metrics collected, visit their documentation.

For a complete list of available metric types that Runway generates from your selected events, visit the Metric Types documentation.

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