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Runway’s REST API (available for Enterprise teams and above) offers more flexibility in how your team can take advantage of Runway’s core features. By using the Runway API to interact with entities within Runway (like ‘releases’), you can create powerful workflows that leverage Runway’s functionality in concert with your team’s existing toolchain and processes.

To get started, create an API key from the organization settings of your Runway dashboard.

Create an API key

Admin permissions are required to create API keys.

Navigate to your organization settings page, where you’ll find the API keys section. Then, create a new API key – choose a descriptive name for your API key so others on the team can easily understand what they key is used for. For example, “CircleCI release workflow key”.

Be sure to copy your new API key immediately, as it will not be available again once you complete the creation flow. Remember to store your API key in a safe place.

API keys are currently scoped with admin permissions, meaning all API keys created will have access to all endpoints in the API. In the future, more granular scoping of API keys may become available.

Revoke an API key

To revoke access to an API key, delete it from the list of keys in your organization. This will immediately revoke the key’s access to the API, and remove it from the list of active keys for your organization.

Interact with the API

Once you’ve created an API key, you’re ready to start calling endpoints on the Runway API. For detailed instructions on how to authenticate requests to the API, and to learn more about the endpoints available, please visit our 🔗 API reference documentation.

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