Integrations settings

Use the Integrations settings page to connect Runway to third-party tools that your team already uses as a part of your release workflow.

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on Integrations in the sidebar

We recommend connecting your key integrations as a first step before filling in additional settings for your app.

Release tag pattern

Runway uses this to read tags from your version control provider and delineate your releases, and also to generate tags when auto-tagging releases upon completion.

The Pattern field accepts the string {version} as a stand-in for the release version, e.g. v{version}.Read more about allowed tokenized patterns for tags here.

Runway expects version strings that adhere to Semantic Versioning principles — formatted as x.y.z (representing major.minor.patch).

Do you tag all of your builds? That's great — you can keep doing that, but Runway will also need a unique, final tag to mark each release.

Release branch

This is where you'll specify the naming convention for release branches. Runway can detect branches that are created with this pattern, or will use this pattern when performing automations to create branches.

You can assign different patterns to different types of releases using the Release type dropdown.

For branching strategies such as GitFlow or similar, Release branch pattern accepts the string {version} as a stand-in for the release version, e.g. release-ios-{version}

Are you a trunk-based team that doesn't use release branches? Omit the tokenized pattern, e.g. main

Be sure to select all types in the Release type dropdown.

Additional branches

Specify here other branches that are an essential part of your release workflow.

Working branch

Your main development working branch, e.g. development.

Staging branch

Set this if you create Release Candidate builds from a branch other than your release branch.

Deploy branch

Set this if you create your final, production builds from a branch other than your release branch.

Set this only if your deploy branch is different from your release branch.

Feature affiliations

Set up the fields (such as labels or fix versions) that will be used to categorize items for a given release in your project management tool.

  • Integration name - Choose the name of the associated tool

  • Affiliation type - Label, Fix version, etc (options will vary depending on the selected integration)

  • Affiliation pattern - Use a tokenized string here to associate tickets with a specific version, e.g. release-{version}

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