Pattern strings / tokens

When setting up patterned strings in Runway to define your team’s naming conventions around branch names, tags, or feature affiliations, you can optionally use tokens to allow for dynamic naming conventions that depend on the release’s version, build numbers, etc.

Available token types

  • {version} β€” three-segment SemVer

    • Example: 1.2.3

  • {versionConcise} β€” allows for a three-, two- or one-segment SemVer

    • Example: 1.2.3

    • Example: 1.2

    • Example 1

  • {releaseName} β€” human-readable release name

    • Example: Cinnamon

    • Example: BigFeature

  • {appStoreBuildNumber} β€” build number as it appears in App Store Connect or Play Console

  • {ciBuildNumber} β€” build number as it appears in CI


  • Required:

    • either {version} or {versionConcise}

  • Not allowed:

    • None β€” all available token types are allowed

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