Installing builds

Installing builds

Builds can be installed on a compatible mobile (iOS or Android) device either from the Runway desktop site, or by navigating to the Runway site on your mobile device’s browser.

Only builds that are appropriately signed and provisioned for installation on your device can be installed. To learn more about how builds must be provisioned and signed for installation visit the build signing & provisioning cheatsheet.

Installing a build from the Runway desktop site

To install a build from the Runway desktop site, click one of the two options on the “Install” menu for the desired build:

  • Install on mobile device from QR code: a QR code will be surfaced that you can scan with the camera app on your phone. You will be prompted to sign in on the Runway mobile site, after which the appropriate build installation page will open. Clicking “Install” from the build details page on your mobile device will install the build

  • Share a link with myself on Slack: A link to the installation page will be sent to you via Direct Message (DM) on Slack. Open the link on your mobile device, and then click “Install” on the build details page from your mobile device to install the build

iOS builds must be properly signed and provisioned for installation before you can install them on your device. See the signing and provisioning cheatsheet section for more details on how to sign and provision builds for installation

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