Release defaults

Configure default app store settings and Runway will apply them where needed across releases. Your release defaults will automatically applied when a release record is created in Runway.

Runway will not apply release defaults to hotfix releases. You can configure release settings prior to submission.

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on App store defaults in the sidebar

App Store release defaults (iOS)

Export compliance information

Answer the presented questions to determine your app's export compliance requirements. For more details on how to answer export compliance questions for your app, visit Apple's export compliance documentation overview.

Runway can automatically apply your export compliance information to new builds uploaded to TestFlight. You must enable the automation in order to see defeault export compliance settings applied to new builds. Learn more.

Release method

Runway will set your default release method and phased release setting on every new release. You can still manually change these options for a specific release prior to submission.

  • Manually release updates — Choose this release method if you plan to release manually via Runway or App Store Connect, or if you're using Runway's automated release feature.

  • Automatically release updates — App Store Connect will release your app update as soon as it's approved.

  • Phased release — App Store Connect will release your app update over a 7-day period, as follows:

    • Day 1 – 1 percent

    • Day 2 – 2 percent

    • Day 3 – 5 percent

    • Day 4 – 10 percent

    • Day 5 – 20 percent

    • Day 6 – 50 percent

    • Day 7 – 100 percent

Play Store release defaults (Android)

Release method

Runway will use this release setting for each new release. You can manually change the release method for a specific release prior to submission.

  • Don't stage — Releases update to all users immediately.

  • Staged rollout to a percentage of users — Choose a percentage of users that will initially receive the update.

Default release method and the custom staged rollout automation

Runway custom staged rollout automation can roll out your update over the course of several days. In order for the automation to start your custom staged rollout sequence, the release method for the release must be set to "Staged rollout to a percentage of users". If the automation is enabled, your initial staged rollout setting will be ignored – the staged rollout percentage indicated on Day 1 of your custom staged rollout configuration will be used instead.

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