Integrations overview

Integrations are core to Runway, and we’ve put a lot of work into making them a seamless, robust, and secure part of the experience. Once you connect your toolchain, Runway does the rest, understanding your team’s unique workflow and adapting accordingly.

Our architecture supports quick rollout of new integrations, and we’re always ready to prioritize based on customer needs. If a piece of your toolchain isn’t yet supported, chances are we can get that implemented for you.

Some core integrations rely on Runway having an accurate understanding of your team's branching strategy to work properly.

Generally, when a change occurs in an integration, you can expect it to be reflected in Runway within 10 minutes. For many integrations (in particular, version control systems and CI/CD) updates will happen more quickly due to their webhook support.

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on the ✏️ Edit Integrations button

Integrations settings

Supported integrations

Some integrations may be limited to certain plans. Please visit our pricing page to learn more.

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