Team settings

Add and remove app users, and configure role mappings for your app.

App users

Add and remove users from your organization to the app.

Only users who have been added to the app will be eligible to be added to the release pilot rotation. To automatically add all new users in your organization to all apps, enable the Add new users to all apps setting from the organization settings page.

Runway user roles to app store roles mapping

If someone on your team finds themselves constantly needing to invite new team members to App Store Connect or the Play Console (and ensure they have the right roles and permissions set), Runway can do away with this manual work with the Sync users and roles from Runway to App Store Connect / Play Console automation. You can configure your team's desired mapping from Runway user role to roles in App Store Connect and permissions in the Play Console from this section. You can also enable syncing for specific user roles from here.

Runway user roles to Slack groups

Slack groups can be a great way to group together members of your team so they can be mentioned with a single handle. In the Runway user roles to Slack groups, you can map specific Slack groups to user roles in Runway so that any time a group of users is mentioned by their role, Runway can mention the configured Slack groups instead.

This can be particularly useful for checklist items, Approvals items, and Regression testing items that are assigned to user roles – Slack reminder pings for these items will mention the appropriate Slack group.

The Sync Slack groups automation can take care of adding and removing team members from the appropriate Slack groups based on their user role in Runway.

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