On the Screenshots step, you can view and approve screenshots that are currently staged to go out with this release in the app store.
Screenshots currently can’t be edited directly from Runway. To edit or remove screenshots, visit App Store Connect or the Play Console directly.
Videos (App Previews for iOS, preview videos for Android) are not yet supported in Runway. To view or manage videos for your store presence, visit App Store Connect or the Play Console directly.

Viewing screenshots

Use the Device selector to switch between assets for different device sizes or alternate hardware types. (iOS: If a particular size is set to share assets from another size, you’ll see a “Using XX Display” message.)
Each localization for your app will be displayed in a separate tab.
  • A green status dot will appear on tabs where specific assets have been found for that localization, and minimum app store requirements have been met.
  • An orange status dot will appear on tabs where required assets are still missing.


Granting approval for screenshots is a way for your team to communicate in Runway that screenshots have been verified on each release.
App stores are not affected by the approval status of the Screenshots step in Runway. Missing approvals on the Screenshots step will not block a manual submission or release performed from Runway or from the app stores.
Release pilots or other users with sufficient privileges can click the Approve screenshots button at the bottom of the view to mark this step as ready. This will set the Screenshots step as green/ready (and may unblock automations like Submit app for review on target date that depend on all previous steps being green).
Approval can be reversed by users with sufficient privileges by clicking the Rescind screenshots approval button. This will return the step status to orange and may block automations that depend on this step being green/ready.

Screenshots checklist

You can add checklist items to this step by visiting the Checklist tab.
Checklist items cover any unique parts of your team's release process and live across all your releases. Steps with checklist items won't be marked as complete (green) in Runway until all checklist items have been completed (in addition to the normal criteria that would mark a step as completed).