Set up

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on Integrations in the sidebar

Connect TestFlight

  • Find the TestFlight integration module under the Beta testing section

  • Click the Connect button

  • Select an existing App Store Connect installation, or enter your ASC API key’s Key ID and Issuer ID, and upload the .p8 key file

  • Click Save; you’ll be presented with a dialog in which to enter your TestFlight settings

You can generate API keys within App Store Connect.

  • You must be logged into App Store Connect with an Admin account to generate API keys.

  • Runway requires an API key with the App Manager role.

🔗 Apple - Creating API Keys for App Store Connect API.

TestFlight settings

  • Enter your TestFlight settings:

    • Bundle ID — Choose the bundle ID of the app you use for beta testing. You can choose the same bundle ID as your production app, or select an alternate one linked to this App Store Connect installation if you use a different app for beta testing.

    • Default external testing groups — Select default external beta groups to distribute builds to.

Beta builds distributed through TestFlight require approval from Apple before they become available to external testers. Note that all eligible builds will be immediately available to users in the App Store Connect Users group (these are considered ‘internal testers’ by Apple).

Beta builds can be manually submitted for approval via Runway, or you can enable the Submit new builds for beta review automation.

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