Organization settings

Click your organization icon (on the sidebar all the way to the left, second from the bottom) to navigate to the Organization overview, then click the Settings button to the right to view team members, edit roles, and manage SSO settings (if applicable).

Some features may be disabled depending on your role permissions.

Single Sign-On (SSO, SAML)

If your organization is configured to use SSO/SAML, you'll see the configuration status here. Organizations on Enterprise tiers can enable this feature by contacting Runway support.

Runway uses WorkOS as an authentication provider for SSO/SAML organizations. Org admins can access the SSO admin portal from here.


Team members

Allowing others to automatically join your organization

When the toggle under Teammates can automatically join your organization is enabled, teammates will be able to join your organization in Runway by visiting 🔗 and signing up with your approved email domain(s).

If this setting is turned off and a teammate creates a Runway account without an invite from an existing member of your organization, they will become part of a new, unassociated organization in Runway. If you need assistance moving over teammates from another organization, just get in touch.

If you need to add alternate approved email domains to your organization (e.g. your email address is but your teammate has the address, please let us know and we'll assist.

Inviting your team

Click the Invite team button to send invites to new team members. When they accept the email invite and create their accounts, they'll be automatically added as members of your existing Runway organization.

Runway does not verify allowed domains on email addresses for anyone sent an invite by an existing member of an organization.

List of team members / Changing roles

This is a list of all members associated with your organization, including Email, Permissions, and Roles.

To change a teammate's role, click the "..." symbol at the end of the row and choose Change role. From here, you can choose one or more roles to assign. Click Apply when finished.

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