Sharing builds

Sharing builds

There are two ways to share and distribute builds with your team in Runway: inviting team mates to be bucket members, or sharing specific builds with one or more of your team mates.

Bucket members

The first is by adding testers as members of one or more buckets that contain builds that you want them to test. Bucket members can have one of three different roles:

  • Admin: Admin bucket members can edit bucket settings, manually upload builds to the bucket, share builds with individual testers, and install builds from the bucket

  • Uploader: Bucket members with the Uploader role can manually upload, view, and install bucket builds

  • Tester: Bucket members with the Tester role can view and install bucket builds. They can also update build tester notes.

Share individual builds

The second way to share builds for testing is to share specific builds with individual testers. Only bucket admins can share builds with individual testers. Builds that have been shared with you will appear in the β€œShared with me” section. If you share a build with an individual tester, they will be able to view and install that specific build.

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