Release overview

The Release overview provides useful high-level metrics around your release. It consists of several sections — some of which are evergreen through the lifetime of the release, and others which only appear after a release has been completed — and within each section, you’ll find relevant statistics for the release.

Many of these statistics will display a “Change” value which shows how the particular metric is tracking compared to the historical average for that metric across previous releases. This helps your team understand how certain key metrics are trending over time, and whether things are moving in a positive or negative direction.

At the top of the Release overview page, important dates for the release are called out, including Kickoff, Submission, and Release (if applicable), as well as a running timeline of all activity.

Product sprint

In the Product sprint section of the Release overview page, you’ll see a number of product-related statistics about your release surfaced, including:

  • Items of work completed

  • Number of fixes

  • Fix percentage (percetange of completed work items that were fixes)

  • Fixes approved / rejected

  • Number of CI builds

  • Number of App Store / Play Console builds

  • Time spent “Waiting for review” (iOS only)

  • Time spent “In review” (iOS only)

  • Number of product teams that contributed to the release

    • Based on the number of completed tickets in a release, and the team associated with each completed ticket. A bar graph will also display teams that have completed the most tickets in the release, in descending order.

Code section

The Code section of release overview shows metrics related to CI/CD builds and code for the release. Here, you’ll find statistics such as:

  • Build workflow success rate

  • Number of commits

  • Average build time

  • Number of code contributors

    • A bar graph will also display individuals that have contributed the most commits to the release, in descending order.

  • Number of files changed

    • Includes a list of top changed files, ranked by the volume of code that was changed in those files.

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