Schedule settings

Use the release schedule to set up a regular cadence (sometimes referred to as a release train) and completely automate key events along the way like kickoff, submission to app stores, and final release.

Once your release schedule is configured, Runway will automatically apply target dates to your upcoming releases according to your specified release cadence.

  1. Select an app in the top left corner from the Switcher

  2. Navigate to App Settings by clicking the gear icon (⚙️) at the top of the Timeline sidebar

  3. Click on Schedule in the sidebar

Configure your release schedule

1. Specify how often you'll be releasing updates to this app

  • Weekly - Releasing every week

  • Bi-weekly - Releasing every two weeks

  • Monthly - Releasing once a month

  • Not enabled - Release schedule is OFF: Runway will not create target dates

If you have kickoff, submit or release release cycle automations enabled, they will only trigger if target dates have been set. If your release schedule is disabled, you will need to set target dates manually on each release in order for these automations to run.

2. Choose the day of the week, time, and time zone for release kickoff, submission, and release dates

Currently, the maximum amount of time supported between release events is one week.

For example, if you want to kick off your releases on Mondays, at 12:00pm, the latest you can configure your submission day & time for is the following Monday, at 11:00am.

3. Save your changes

Runway will immediately apply target dates to your upcoming release(s), unless they have been previously set.

Viewing your release schedule

Click the Schedule button in the upper-right corner to reveal the Schedule view on any release step. (Click the Schedule button again to hide it.)

Pausing your release schedule

You can pause your release schedule at any point from the schedule view on any release.

Pausing your release schedule will prevent any scheduled release cycle automations (kickoff, submit, release) from occurring:

  • Your scheduled release automations will appear as Paused under the release schedule view, and within the Automation tab of each release step

  • Runway will stop automatically applying target dates to upcoming releases

When you're ready to resume your schedule, click Resume schedule from the schedule view on your current release. Runway will resume automatically applying target dates to upcoming releases, and executing upcoming release lifecycle automations.

If pausing your schedule has caused an automation to miss its target date, you'll have to manually update to a new target date in the future in order for Runway to perform the automation. You can do this by going to Kickoff -> Edit release settings for the release.

Automatic target date roll-over

We know that sometimes unplanned releases need to happen. If your current release had existing target dates applied by Runway using your release schedule, and a new release is created that replaces the current release:

  • Runway will automatically update the target dates of the displaced release to the next cycle

  • Runway will apply target dates to the newly created release according to your schedule

Runway will not automatically apply target dates to releases that are marked as hotfixes.

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