Setting up your team
A lot of the little inefficiencies that can make releases a pain happen when members of a team are trying to communicate about progress or blockers related to a release.
Runway is designed to provide everyone with a single source of truth, and leverages smart automations and integrations like Slack to proactively let team members know how the release is going and what tasks might need to happen next.
All of which is to say, Runway is even more valuable when your team is using it together!


Runway offers several different roles that can be assigned to your teammates. For example, a particular role might restrict someone's ability to perform major release actions, or give someone special access as a regression tester or approver.
  • Available roles are: Admin, EM, PM, Engineer, QA, Approver, Viewer
  • Release pilots also have additional privileges during their assigned releases

Inviting team members

Currently, you can get in touch with the Runway team to add team members. Let us know the email address and the intended role for any team members that you want to add.
A self-service interface for managing team members is coming soon!
Last modified 3mo ago