Getting started

Get started in 5 easy steps

Follow these steps to get started with Build Distro by Runway.

  1. Navigate to the build distribution page in your Runway app.

  2. Click Get Started. Note that only admin users in your org can opt your app into Build Distro.

Runway will automatically generate some default buckets for your app to get you started. To learn more about the buckets that are created by default, go to the Default Buckets section.

  1. [Recommended] Connect a supported CI/CD integration and configure your workflow settings. Note that you can skip this step and manually upload builds to buckets.

Your CI/CD workflows must be configured to output installable artifacts in order to work correctly with Build Distro in Runway. To learn more about how to configure your CI/CD workflows to output binary artifacts, see the Making artifacts from your CI/CD workflow available for download section.

The following build system integrations are not supported with Build Distro:

  • App Center Build

  • Codemagic

  • TravisCI

  1. [iOS only] Connect with App Store Connect to unlock additional build distribution features like automatic device provisioning. This step is optional.

  2. Thatโ€™s it! Builds will start to populate in your respective buckets, and you can start installing by clicking โ€œInstallโ€ on any installable build on a bucket.

Making artifacts from your CI/CD workflow available for download

Runway's Build Distro can help your team get build distribution set up in just a few steps as long as your team is already generating binary artifacts from your CI/CD workflow and making them available for download. For some CI/CD integration providers, making build artifacts available for download is the default behavior, so nothing needs to be done in order to get Build Distro set up in Runway. For other providers, you may have to add an export step to your CI/CD workflow to make build artifacts available for download by Runway. See the table below for more details on how to make build artifacts available to be pulled into Runway Build Distro for your provider.

Supported ProviderArtifacts available by default?Additional Info



GitHub Actions


Add an "upload artifact" step to your build job in your GitHub Actions yml file.

GitLab CI


Use the artifacts keyword in your GitLab CI yml file.



Add a store_artifacts step to your CircleCI job's yml file.

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